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     Shenzhen fierce, video technology co., LTD. Is a collection research and development, production, sales and export trade and project necessary service to a body, is also a audio technology as the core of wisdom iot overall solutions provider, to provide on-site survey, design, product supply, engineering construction and maintenance in a body specialized systems integration services.

The main business scope of mengdisen is: concert hall, large-scale performances, sports venues, bars, music restaurants, KTV, clubs, professional theater, entertainment center, hotel banquet hall, cinema, multifunctional conference center and other sound, lighting, video system.

Company purpose: pursue extraordinary sound quality, create excellent quality; In the future, mengdisen will continue to strive for innovation, with advanced technology and equipment, a strong research and development team, continue to launch high-tech, quality products, let the sound of nature sound throughout the world.

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